An Evening stitching

Most of the time I have a few creative projects started at once. Lately I have been cross stitching a small ornament in the evening to relax after a long work day. I bought this cross stitch kit at a craft store around the holidays. I normally don’t buy kits, because it has never been my favorite. No particular reason on why it is not my favorite other than I like to work on cross stitch fabric.

Here are the photos of what has been completed…

the floss for the cross stitch heart, it was included in the kit.
completed the blue floss.

I will update in future posts the completed heart cross stitch kit.


Stitching with hot herbal tea

This is the most current of my Derby cross stitch. I worked on it a little this weekend. I did not sew as much as I normally do.

Look at the many different colors of floss it takes to sew the sky. It takes much time to change the floss just for a small section. But it is worth it.
And the colors of the jockey’s helmet is starting to come through.
cross stitching with a cup of hot herbal tea.

It is relaxing to have hot herbal tea while cross stitching. It is a much needed therapeutic way to spend the weekend. More on my selected teas, coming soon.



This is the current cross stitch I have been working on. It is for my brother-n-law. It is about 36″ x 22″. This is the largest I have cross stitched, definitely with the most colors of floss used on it. I am put together on this post the past year’s cross stitching look back and the progress of the Derby.

the cross stitch cloth June 2019
the first block of colors sewed. June 2019
Aug 2019
Aug 2019
Sept 2019
Dec 2019