The weekend stitching

Saturday stitching

I finally had time to stitch on Saturday evening after a day of work.

I had the determination to complete the first column of page 7.

It was a success! My previous post showed I had some of the column stitched…

Let me remind you:

And with my determination it now looks like this:

Column 1 of page 7 completed

Here’s a close up of it

So many different floss colors. Many times reading the pattern and finding the correct placement.

It’s all starting to be worth it.

Then came Sunday

I finally sat down to work on the cross stitch by noon. Some stitching was done, but I became awfully tired.

I decided to take a nap, for an hour! I hardly nap. But needed it so much

Back to stitching….then I made dinner…then stitched until 9pm.

Hopefully you can tell, there’s a darker area of blue. This is not a mistake…this means I’m nearing the end of the sky.

Closer view of the darker part of the sky.

As planned I was able to stitch all weekend and got in a wonderful long overdue nap.

Not sure when I’ll stitch again, most likely next weekend.

Until then…