Valentine of Love and Hearts

Stitches with Love and Hearts, a little history

I still have some of my Christmas decorations on display. I love angels and old time Santa Clauses. Therefore why put them away quickly if I enjoy them?!

As I write this post the tea of choice is called Dark Lagoon Herbal, by Simple Loose Leaf. I

Having tea writing this post.
this tea is called Dark Lagoon Herbal from Simple Loose Leaf
it is sweet and rich rose from berries and other fruits. It is a deep red brew and a tart flavor.

Cross Stitch Facts

stitched this when I was young about 9 yrs old

I thought to give a lesson about cross stitching for this post.

  • Cross stitch existed before the Middle Ages. It has been found in China, India and then Europe as trade increased as well as migrations and invasions. In Egypt a sampler was found around the 6th century. Even cloth dating from 3000-5000 BC had traces of cross stitch on it.
  • Cross stitching became an upper-class hobby during the middle ages. It actually began in the rural areas first. Cross stitch ornaments was a sign of wealth and social status.
  • Cross stitch pattern books have been around since the 17th century. The choice of colors was left to the stitcher as the pattern had black dots indicating areas to stitch.
  • Samplers were used by school aged children to learn the Bible verse and moral values and to learn the alphabet.
  • In the 1960’s was when the modern day cross stitching began with the mass production of patterns.

Sampler designed by my mom, Stitched by me.

Sampler that was designed by my mom, stitched this when I was 10 years old.

That’s my little lesson about cross stitch…back to making time in my current busy schedule to cross stitch Derby. Hoping I won’t be so tired tomorrow after work to work on it.

Happy Valentine’s Day…