cross stitch

Sipping Tea, Trying to Stitch

Finding the time to stitch this weekend was difficult. I was too exhausted on Friday to stitch. Saturday I did some stitching, but became too tired and mentally exhausted. Sunday I had to clean my house which took too much time away from my stitching. Then I got a headache that never seized. I was able to stitch but I was not focused on it.

So here’s what it now looks like.

Here’s the whole image of what is stitched so far.

Here’s the tea of my choice for yesterday….

I started out with Wild Berry by Simple Loose Leaf.

It is a green tea with blueberries and raspberries. (I read somewhere that raspberries can cause headaches for some people.) Perhaps that’s why I got a headache? Or the combination of mentally exhausted and being fatigue and having raspberries.

Later in the day I made myself some chamomile tea, by Bigelow. I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I spent more time sipping my tea and having some crackers than stitching.

Not a very productive stitching weekend. But there’s a weekend coming up very soon.