Stitching Slowly

I really have not been doing too much on this cross stitch lately. The reasons:

  • Been exhausted
  • Been seeing a lot of clients within the last few weeks-more than usual
  • cleaning my house, shopping, cooking
  • walking my dog-since the weather is unusually warm for an area that should have snow constantly.
  • doing yoga
  • headaches! yikes!
  • today, not feeling the greatest

I hope those are realistic and understandable reasons why I just did not get much stitched.

For the tea, I opted for Peppermint Tea-in a bag. I just did not feel like brewing loose tea today, since I did not think the flavors would settle right in my stomach.

Below is a picture of outside of my window-(beautiful blue sky) weird normally this time of the year it would be snowing/possibly a snowstorm that keeps you nestled inside with hot tea.

About the Cross stitch:

So here is what I accomplished. It looks like the same as the prior post, but seriously please trust me, it is just another column of almost the same colors! I am getting closer to finishing the top row.

It is really looking sharp. I am proud of myself. I just wonder when I get to start the second row?! Guess I need to stop having excuses of not stitching and get myself back on track! (no pun intended-get it Derby track)-okay that was a long shot. Humor is dry.

Until next time I stitch….