Thursday’s Stitching

Today I was able to work on the Derby Cross stitch. It is unusual for me to have time during the week. I did not have to get to work until later in the day, which allowed me to relax for most of the day. Even though tiredness came over me, I knew sleep was not going happen. Below is the current photo of Derby.

I am getting towards the end of the first row. I am on page 7, 4th column. The sky color is getting darker at this point. It is nice to see another blue color!

That was a good amount stitched for today. I also was walking my dog, finishing laundry and made lunch in between the stitches.

I made myself tea.

Here is the tea from Simple Loose Leaf: Namring Estate Darjeeling

From the brochure to describe this tea:

The description is Darjeeling tea is from Darjeeling district in West Bengal India. This tea is a black tea. It has a slight spiciness. The brochure from Simple Loose leaf wrote: “that the spiciness is described as Muscatel. “

It was a nice tea to drink. This is on my favorite list.

Until this weekend, which I hope I can find a solid time of stitching and this time, without a headache as last few weekends had.

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