Stitching a Different Stitch

It is too difficult to take my cross stitch with me to work. I have a job that is extremely flexible with my work hours and if I am not seeing a client I don’t have to “look busy.” Sometimes I will have 2 hours to wait until my next client comes in. I usually watch something on Netflix on my laptop maybe I have to finish some documentation, other times, I am caught up and need something to do. I could read, but reading was never an interest.

I have been working on a crochet blanket for probably 3 years. This is the year I claim will be the year I finish some projects. This is one that is on the top of my list. I don’t love crochet, in fact I find it incredibly boring. Most likely I won’t start another one for a long time, if I even decide to. I prefer the cross stitching needle between my fingers than the crochet needle.

Below is the blanket I am crocheting. This blanket will be long and wide enough to wrap up in on a cold night. It is about half-way finished.

detail of the stitch

I hope you enjoyed looking at my other stitching. I definitely plan to get back to my cross stitch soon.