Painting Doodles

This post is about my paintings about doodles using acrylics on wooden boards and on canvases.

I start by making a scribble using a color pencil onto the board or canvas. Then I paint in the shapes. I let each layer dry before adding the next shapes and details. The final painting element on the board or canvas is the small dots.

Patience and time is essential with this painting. I never really know how it will turn out, but it is always a delightful surprise.

Once the painting is completed I will turn it on each side to decide how to hang it. I also look to see if there is a symbol that appears. I usually get animals in my doodle/scribble paintings.

Here are 2 paintings that I want to share with you.

City Map of Lights, 2014, painted by Caroline not for sale
Landscape of the Country, 2014, painted by Caroline
not for sale

It’s a fun way to create an original piece of art.

Here’s the supplies for this painting

  • Canvas or wooden boards
  • Acrylic paint
  • Assorted sizes of brushes
  • Palette
  • Paper towels
  • Can for water
  • Easel

Page 7 column 1…counting down

I am working on a 21 page cross stitch titled Derby. Today was a snowstorm which caused me to be home early and was happy to stitch this Friday afternoon.

Here is how the stitching went:

First I poured myself some green tea. It is called Green Harmony. From Simple Loose Leaf… I always have my tea warm with a little sugar. Jasmine is in this tea, which is one of my favorite flavors.

I was able to get myself comfortable and started stitching.

Here is the progress made on Derby…

There’s many different shades of blue in this sky! And much more tea to taste.

Until next time. Hopefully I will be able to stitch all weekend.



Victorian Throw Back…

Going to Church

This cross stitch was done a few years ago. I finally bought a frame for it. This cross stitch is from a Victorian cross stitch book I have that depict different scenes.

This scene, titled Going To Church, was my favorite to stitch. It is so delicate and I could only imagine life during those times going to church in a carriage and horse. I always picture those times calm and less chaotic.

This cross stitch is from Paula Vaughan A Mother’s Love. I have finished a few others which I will share in another post.