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Giraffe, Bee, Mice, Monkey

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Giraffe, by Caroline 2016

Bee by Caroline 2016

Mice, by Caroline 2016

Monkey by Caroline 2016

More to come….stay tuned

cross stitch

Yesteryear’s Sweetheart Part II

Before I began the Derby Cross stitch, I was working on the Yesteryear’s Sweetheart, by Sunbonnet Sue. Since the Derby Cross stitch is a gift that became my priority to work on.








Once I am finished with the Derby Cross stitch, I will be completing this series.



Index Card Art

I am working from home as many people are in this world. Today, I wanted to get my paints out, but do not want to start a large painting, or anything that I would get overly involved in. I have this desire to paint from time-to-time but tend to not do it, because I am very busy with my work schedule.

As an art therapist I decided to work on a small painting using index cards for some mindfulness calming exercises before I start my day seeing clients.

Supplies needed:

  • index cards
  • water color paints
  • markers
  • paper towels
  • water bowl for water
  • paint brushes

I came up with a design with flowers. I like flowers because of the calming quality that they give.

Poppies, by Caroline March 30 2020

I would like to say my plan is to paint one a day. I tend to not do well when I place a rule like that, as inspiration needs to be organic for me to be involved in it. Let’s see if I can pull this off more days in the week than just a few for a month.



Second Row Makes its Debut

With having more time at home which is not necessarily unusual for me, I spent longer time sewing my cross stitch.

I began the second row. The first row of page 8 is completed. It’s really starting to take it’s shape.

I’m getting excited to see how much will be done especially during the lockdown.



Derby has Crossed the First Row Finish Line!

It is finally completed….the first row for that matter! The excitement is real. I began this Derby Cross stitch in June 2019. 10 months later it is finally finished.

I have taken advantage of the time home to work on it. My heart was beating quickly, as I completed the last part of the sky. I was so excited that I no longer have to stitch in that color for most of the section. Now I get to sew with other colors.

I won’t keep you in suspense:

Here is the completed first row.

Today I have some video counseling sessions to complete and then I will be making my dinner which will be lentil soup (good for the cool foggy weather today in Ohio) And then I will start the second row!

Stay tuned for the second row…….



Stillness in Time with Derby

Yesterday was a day that my state learned we are going to be on an order to stay home due to the Coronavirus. I have been working from home for the past week, busy seeing clients via telehealth. I had some time to myself but not enough time to work on my cross stitching until Sunday.

But First Tea:

I bought myself a gift the other week, it is a new tea pot. I have always wanted a glass tea pot to brew the tea bloom flowers.

Here is what I bought:

It was so much fun watching the tea bloom open up. It really is the little things that bring joy!

Enjoy the video watching the Tea Bloom Flowering opening up:

The tea was very good and I will defiantly be drinking this as I am now order to stay home.


I am one little section away and another column away from completing the first row!

More to complete


Quiet Day for Derby Cross Stitch

This weekend is unusual as we are starting to “social distance” and attempt to protect ourselves from that terrible virus.

Once I was settled in for the day, cross stitching became my focus.

I did not make any special tea for today. I wanted to drink more water.

Here is the progress for Derby cross stitch.

I am starting to get excited about starting the second row soon!



Heart of a Doodle

A few doodles that I designed. Doodling helps me to unwind after a long day.

Hearts intertwined. March 2020 by Caroline

Yogi by Caroline Feb 2020

The next doodle is not completed, work is still in progress. It definitely has a different composition and emotion than my other doodles.

By Caroline March 2020

I’ll post more of my Doodle art soon



Derby Stitching Today

I did not stitch as much as I wanted to today. However, it’s coming along.

The stitches on this column had numerous amounts of colors. For one block of stitching it had about 20 different colors to stitch! That is why this took me a long time to complete. The changing of colors and going back and forth from stitching to threading the needle took up time. Plus I had to look at the copied page and the original page many times. I use a copy the pattern and mark off the symbols I stitch, however it did not copy clearly.

Anyway here’s how the progress went:

A few more columns to cross stitch for the top row!


image from Pinterest

The tea of choice for today was:

By Simple Loose Leaf: Misty Morning Tea

It is a green tea that has a smokey flavor. According to the Simple Loose Leaf brochure it is “similar to Yunnan black teas.”

Until next time



Springing Forward Stitching

Before I began cross stitching, I walked my dog, and saw signs of spring out. I saw a Robin bird this morning, the air is brisk, and the sun is out.

After the walk, I relaxed this Saturday afternoon with tea and cross stitching.


Simple loose leaf tea for March sounds delicious.

Here’s a photo of the selection.

Simple Loose Leaf-March selection

I brewed Afternoon Delight. It has ginseng in it. The tea has a sweet and licorice taste. Hibiscus and lemongrass brought a tart taste to the tea.

Once settled with my freshly hot herbal tea, my cross stitching began.


I really can’t believe how much was stitched tonight. I have been feeling fatigue from working, I thought for sure I would have lost interest in it.

I eventually started to get tired…this is where I stopped for tonight. It’s looking really nice.

I’m loving this part of the sky!

Until tomorrow…