Oolong with each stitch

Below is where the stitching was left off…


Tea of choice for Friday is Spiced Oolong. It is from Simple Loose Leaf

It has a nuttiness of cinnamon and ginger. When I opened it, instantly I smelled the nuttiness.

This is a wonderful tea. Normally spiced tea is not appealing to me as I find it sometimes overly spicy. However this one I definitely on my list to buy again.

I had a craving for nutella. This was my Friday evening snack reward for getting through a long week (even though I have clients scheduled for Saturday)

It just seems like it is taking a long time to finish the top row, nevertheless it is coming along.

I am loving the various colors especially when the stitch is not just blue tones.


No stitching on Saturday. When I got home from work a little later than expected, I decided that my eyes and mind were just to tired to read a cross stitch pattern. I decided to do grocery shopping after I walked my dog. Then took time for myself relaxing watching TV. Have you seen Victoria on PBS? It is on Amazon Prime, and I get hooked on movies and shows about the British Royalty. I just could only imagine what it was like for Queen Victoria. Amazing woman.


Tea of choice is Green Harmony from Simple Loose Leaf

Green teas have such a gentle taste. It has a mix of Jasmine green, Houjika and Sencha with citrus. Houjika is a twig tea, that gives this type of tea an earthier taste.

I decorated for Easter last week.

Then I ran into a slight problem, my cat sat on my cross stitch pattern book. The look she gave me when I made her get off of it. Don’t worry she is all about me, she can’t be mad at me for too long!

Foxy won’t let me cross stitch

I was able to stitch on Sunday without a headache. It seems the last few Sunday’s I was unable to function. It is surprising because the weather is warming up after a few days of snow, which causes a headache/migraine for me.

Don’t you love how the more colors are showing up!

My eyes are grateful for colors other than the blue tones.

If you would see this in person, the blending of colors is fascinating, especially when it walk further away from it to view it.

Here it is:

Page 6:3 columns to complete. Then page 7 has only 2 more columns to complete.

Almost done with the top row!

I am so grateful for everyone who is following this blog. It really encourages me to complete this cross stitch in a timely manner.