Springing Forward Stitching

Before I began cross stitching, I walked my dog, and saw signs of spring out. I saw a Robin bird this morning, the air is brisk, and the sun is out.

After the walk, I relaxed this Saturday afternoon with tea and cross stitching.


Simple loose leaf tea for March sounds delicious.

Here’s a photo of the selection.

Simple Loose Leaf-March selection

I brewed Afternoon Delight. It has ginseng in it. The tea has a sweet and licorice taste. Hibiscus and lemongrass brought a tart taste to the tea.

Once settled with my freshly hot herbal tea, my cross stitching began.


I really can’t believe how much was stitched tonight. I have been feeling fatigue from working, I thought for sure I would have lost interest in it.

I eventually started to get tired…this is where I stopped for tonight. It’s looking really nice.

I’m loving this part of the sky!

Until tomorrow…