Derby Stitching Today

I did not stitch as much as I wanted to today. However, it’s coming along.

The stitches on this column had numerous amounts of colors. For one block of stitching it had about 20 different colors to stitch! That is why this took me a long time to complete. The changing of colors and going back and forth from stitching to threading the needle took up time. Plus I had to look at the copied page and the original page many times. I use a copy the pattern and mark off the symbols I stitch, however it did not copy clearly.

Anyway here’s how the progress went:

A few more columns to cross stitch for the top row!


image from Pinterest

The tea of choice for today was:

By Simple Loose Leaf: Misty Morning Tea

It is a green tea that has a smokey flavor. According to the Simple Loose Leaf brochure it is “similar to Yunnan black teas.”

Until next time