Derby is Rounding the Track…Almost

This is where Derby was left off a few days ago. I stitched on and off In reality there was not much time in-between clients recently to be comfortable, brew some tea and get lost in my stitching world.

Yesterday, page 8 was almost completed which is the first page of the second row. This is a huge accomplishment, this Derby is about 22″x 30″. I had to stop stitching last night, because my shoulder and fingers were slightly in pain. Plus I was getting tired.

Then today came! I finished page 8! Now onto page 9. or so I thought. It was such a disappointment. I…ran…out…of…thread! Do you feel my pain, my fellow stitchers!? And the stores are closed, so off to the website to order. I was lucky, the colors are in stock, now awaiting the email when it can be picked up.

And I shall wait!

I won’t make you wait to see my progress:

While waiting, there is tea to brew for the next stitching time…


cross stitch

Crossing Derby

I am on page 8. I have 2 more rows to complete. The second row is starting to show the horses.

It is extremely exciting to see this come alive.

I won’t be able to stitch until Friday and throughout the weekend.

Here’s a review of the progress on Derby cross stitch.

Until I have time for tea and cross stitch, enjoy the progress.


cross stitch

Time for Tea and Stitching

The choice of tea today is from Simple Loose Leaf, Anise Pear.

The description is “sweet like candy.” It has anise and elderberries in it. It is a green tea.

Derby Cross Stitch

I have stitched a little yesterday. Here is where I left off at:

The horse is starting to be shown in this cross stitch.

I had to stop stitching tonight. My arthritic hand is stiff and need to rest.

Hope you enjoy this progress.



Flower Drawing

Being at home working has given more time to create art. I have been busy with my job throughout the day, but will have breaks in-between clients. Therefore I was looking for something that I can create that would be calming and perhaps be able to hang in my office once we can return.

I have been inspired by folk art and floral art. Here is the art I drew and coloring with color pencils on a 18″ x 24″ white mix media paper.

By Caroline

By CarolineC

I will be planning to put this in a frame when I can get to the store to look at them. I may create another one to hang next to it.



Easter Sunday Tea Time and Stitching

It’s been awhile since I posted about my tea. Simply because I have been lazy to take pictures and to post my updates about the Derby Cross Stitch.

It’s been an active morning. I walked my dog, got back home and planted the new roses I bought recently from Jackson and Perkins.

Here are the roses I planted in my courtyard garden:

Honey Bee Lovely

Tupelo Honey Floribunda Rose

Afterwards I took pictures of yoga poses as an assignment to get my yoga instructor certification. Did some Zumba cardio workout as well. I really needed to release all those negative toxins!

Then I took my dog for another walk this time a longer walk.

Ate lunch. Gave my dog a treat. And decided it was Tea Time. My dog is now sleeping!

I brewed the flower blooming tea. I selected a green tea for today.

And now my legs are on the ottoman, a blanket is draped around me and this tea is smooth and a hot satisfying delight to enjoy watching some movies this afternoon while stitching.


Here is the progress on Derby cross stitch

I thought the blue shades were done when the first row was finished. How wrong I was! At least it isn’t majority of the second row. I am ready to see more colors on this cross stitch.

And my evening hot tea was stress relief Honey Lavender by Yogi.

I should be able to stitch more this week. My schedule to see clients is not filled like weeks prior. It is interesting how there is a need for mental health counseling at this moment because of the virus. My thought is that no one wants to pay their copay or deductible to have sessions, and is putting it off until they know there job is secured after we resume our life and get back to our normal way of living and working. I believe this is the calm before the storm for me.

So it will be Happy Stitching for awhile.



Crossing to April

I am diligently sewing the second row. It’s been a long week. Not to mention a long year so far.

Here’s my progress.

Yes more blue cross stitching. Not nearly as much anymore.

Below is a “perfect” photo of my cat. I love when the day is bright and cats look out the window. Even though she’s facing the other way, it’s still adorable.

I have been drinking a lot of tea. It’s been chilly and tea helps me through the day while working from home.

I now pulled out my large cups for tea drinking.

Tonight’s choice of tea is chamomile. I need to relax myself before bedtime.

I’ll sew a few more cross stitches…but it’s been a long day helping people get through this “stay at home” order. I need my rest.

Until next post with more tea and more stitching.