Crossing to April

I am diligently sewing the second row. It’s been a long week. Not to mention a long year so far.

Here’s my progress.

Yes more blue cross stitching. Not nearly as much anymore.

Below is a “perfect” photo of my cat. I love when the day is bright and cats look out the window. Even though she’s facing the other way, it’s still adorable.

I have been drinking a lot of tea. It’s been chilly and tea helps me through the day while working from home.

I now pulled out my large cups for tea drinking.

Tonight’s choice of tea is chamomile. I need to relax myself before bedtime.

I’ll sew a few more cross stitches…but it’s been a long day helping people get through this “stay at home” order. I need my rest.

Until next post with more tea and more stitching.