Derby is Rounding the Track…Almost

This is where Derby was left off a few days ago. I stitched on and off In reality there was not much time in-between clients recently to be comfortable, brew some tea and get lost in my stitching world.

Yesterday, page 8 was almost completed which is the first page of the second row. This is a huge accomplishment, this Derby is about 22″x 30″. I had to stop stitching last night, because my shoulder and fingers were slightly in pain. Plus I was getting tired.

Then today came! I finished page 8! Now onto page 9. or so I thought. It was such a disappointment. I…ran…out…of…thread! Do you feel my pain, my fellow stitchers!? And the stores are closed, so off to the website to order. I was lucky, the colors are in stock, now awaiting the email when it can be picked up.

And I shall wait!

I won’t make you wait to see my progress:

While waiting, there is tea to brew for the next stitching time…