Stitching with Mom

Cross stitch my mom designed for me when I was 9yrs old

Mother’s day is approaching. In honor of my mother, who taught me how to cross stitch, I wanted to share the cross stitch that reminds me of the bond between a mother and a daughter.

The cross stitch is from a series by Paula Vaughan A Mother’s Love

The first cross stitch of a mother hemming a girls’ dress reminds me of the days my mom would make my clothes. I never liked store bought clothing, never felt right for me. I loved the dresses my mom made for me. The singer sewing machine in the background, is another reminder of those days.

Bound by love

The cross stitch below is another reminder of the days my mom would show her “older” sewing projects. I remember the time my mom, had her wedding dress stored in a box in her closet. She made her own wedding dress and spent countless hours fixing it the night before her wedding. Unfortunately that wedding dress was thrown away because it became yellow and was rotting. The storage of wedding dresses are not at all like the storage of dresses in modern times.

Her little red shoes

I had learned how to cross stitch from my mom. It’s something I will always cherish and not let go of.

Below is the last cross stitch my mom helped me with. I forgot how to cross stitch as with most people we put down some of our fun crafts when we are teenagers. She showed me how to start it, before she became ill. I will never forget that day, it was truly special.

Happy mother’s day to everyone