Bird on a Branch

Bird on a Branch
Caroline color pencil. 11″x14″

This drawing is from a photo from a magazine.

I began by lightly sketching the bird and branch. Then found blues, greens, purples to color the bird.

Prismacolor I chosen was a soft and very blendable.

Below is the stages of coloring.

Let’s be inspired by other artists not copy their work.


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Apples and Pears

This morning I sat in my art studio, before it became overly hot in there and started a watercolor painting.

Pears and apples by Caroline 2020 watercolor

This reminds me of Cézanne’s art.

An art instructor at the art school I attended always told me to reference Cézanne for inspiration as his painterly style is similar to mine.

Cézanne 1839-1906

Here’s his paintings.

Vessels, basket and fruit (the kitchen table) 1888-1890, oil on canvas

Onions and bottle 1895-1900 oil on canvas

I was extremely grateful to have seen these at Musée d’Orsay in Paris France.


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Halfway to Finish Line

Just a quick update on the Derby cross stitch.

I have not posted much because it has been rather difficult to see the progress with all the dark navy and black threads to stitch this.

Enough of the horse is stitched to give you a clear idea of how involved it is.

One more column on page 10 then it’s halfway finished.



doodle drawing

What a Doodle Drawing does for you:

  • It relaxes and calms your mind
  • You can let go of expectations
  • You don’t have to be consumed with perfection
  • Creating an abstract piece of art is easier than you think
  • You have artistic freedom to decide what shapes you use
  • Color choice is your decision
  • It does not have to look like anything in particular
  • You will have FUN.

Supplies needed:

  • Drawing paper-any size
  • Various sizes of pens
  • Various colors of pens
  • Markers
  • Color Pencils

Place your pen on the paper, you can start anywhere on the paper. Make any shape. From that shape attach another shape and build around those shapes, until you feel your doodle drawing is complete.

My Video of Doodle Drawing
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Watercolor Monday

I had some time today while waiting for my dog who is at the doggy spa. (Definitely a well needed bath)

I wanted to watercolor, sometimes I have artists’ block. I began painting the rose from a photo I took.

I’m not sure if I like it. Definitely can tell I was not loose in my hand.

Then I decided to paint an elephant. One of my favorite animals.

Most definitely very proud of this watercolor painting. Painterly style is what I paint in the best.

Hope you enjoyed my paintings today.


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Art Therapist Studio

This post was originally on my other blog- I wanted to move all art related posts to this site.

Being an Art Therapist is rewarding. Being a witness to clients who improve their mental wellness, is an incredible feeling. It is also a privileged to help those who are grieving from a loss, recovering from trauma and needing just some kind words of feedback to get back on their feet.

A typical day of an Art Therapist

I am in a private practice, therefore my schedule is flexible. Some day I will see up to 6 clients, others I might see 4 clients. Some clients prefer talk therapy only, therefore I do not offer art therapy to those clients. Others, especially children work well with art therapy.

My office/art therapy studio has a desk for clients to work on.

The art therapist supplies:

  • tempera paint
  • acrylic paint
  • soft pastels
  • oil pastels
  • markers-thin and thick tip
  • colored pencils
  • crayons-provide thick ones for younger children
  • colored pens
  • craft items
  • paper
  • construction paper
  • canvas boards
  • wooden sticks and shapes

The sessions are 1 hour. Each client is different some don’t like to use art as a processing technique for counseling. I definitely consider that and respect their decisions if they want to use it. In any case, when I am planning to use art therapy for the session, I will have them start an art task towards the beginning of the session. Usually the art task will take anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

Once the client is completed with the art task, then we will process it. If it is a drawing it will be hung on the wall. If it is wet then we will leave it on the desk.

Some of the questions to process is related to why the client is seeking therapy. The art task is designed to help the client to see anxiety, depression, coping techniques, anger, hope, fear, future goals etc. Not to mention how the client managed the supplies. Some do not like pastels, some prefer paint, and the behaviors of how they show their dislike for the supplies are also processed. It gives insight to how they manage stress or manage how they respond to situations that they are not in control of. It is up to the art therapist to point out the symbols and signs and help the client connect it to their life and identify ways of coping to help in their recovery.


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Welcome to my studio…

I renamed this blog to 4PawsArtStudio. By day I am a mental health counselor and art therapist. But my heart and soul is always about art. This is exciting news to open my doors to a business of selling art and taking commission pieces.

Coming Soon:

You will be able to purchase my art on Etsy. I will post when the store is open for business.

Below is a sample of my paintings. The style of painting I create is abstract and whimsical. Sometimes I will work in a realistic art style.

Both of these paintings will be on sell on Etsy soon.

More to come about this exciting news



Stitching Derby Update

It’s been about two months since Derby Cross Stitch has been posted.

I became extremely tired, working way too much, and just didn’t feel like stitching that much.

The little bit that was stitched wasn’t really worth a post.

Today, I was able to fix a huge counting mistake on Derby. I made the blue helmet on the jockey too big. I realized that after I stitched it, but decided at the time I would fix it when I began stitching the page below that mistake to make sure it was corrected and matched up with the stitches below it. (If any of this makes sense).

It’s not perfect but I tried to mimic the colors in that block the best I could without taking every stitch out.

I held my breath when I had the seam ripper in my hand hoping I would not put a hole on the fabric. Thankfully everything worked out!

Here is the progress of Derby Cross Stitch…

The next post most likely will be the finished face of the horse…

Happy 4th of July. Below is from Yesteryears Sweethearts cross stitch series.

Until then,