Stitching Derby Update

It’s been about two months since Derby Cross Stitch has been posted.

I became extremely tired, working way too much, and just didn’t feel like stitching that much.

The little bit that was stitched wasn’t really worth a post.

Today, I was able to fix a huge counting mistake on Derby. I made the blue helmet on the jockey too big. I realized that after I stitched it, but decided at the time I would fix it when I began stitching the page below that mistake to make sure it was corrected and matched up with the stitches below it. (If any of this makes sense).

It’s not perfect but I tried to mimic the colors in that block the best I could without taking every stitch out.

I held my breath when I had the seam ripper in my hand hoping I would not put a hole on the fabric. Thankfully everything worked out!

Here is the progress of Derby Cross Stitch…

The next post most likely will be the finished face of the horse…

Happy 4th of July. Below is from Yesteryears Sweethearts cross stitch series.

Until then,