Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are card that can be made by any age group. The supplies are simple, you can decorate the card anyway you wish. The idea is to have as many affirmations as possible and give them away to others, or you can use it in your daily meditation, or you can put them around in your home.


  • glue
  • glitter/glitter glue
  • scissors
  • markers
  • pens
  • metallic gel pens
  • magazines
  • quotes/affirmations
  • stamps-stamp color pads
  • stickers
  • ribbons, yarn, thread
  • buttons
  • card stock paper
  • tissue paper
  • construction paper

How to make affirmation cards:

Once you choose your color choice for your paper/card stock, then start writing an affirmation on it, you can choose to cut out a quote or words from a magazine and paste it onto the card stock. Add glitter other other embellishments to the card stock from the supply list of ideas from above.

In place of using a card stock, choose a playing card. there are 52 cards in a deck, therefore you can make one per week and have an affirmation quote to use all year long.

Affirmation cards are great gifts and some will use it as a trading card and mail each other an affirmation card and make one and send it back to the sender for move it forward to another person.

If you make any please send me a comment and include your affirmation card. I will write a post and include everyone’s affirmation in it and give you credit for making it!

Enjoy making affirmations.