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Decorative Paper Collage-An Art Journal

How to make a collage using decorative paper.

The supplies you need are at your limits with creativity. Any decorative paper or wrapping paper can be your inspiration for the colors you want to use. This is used for those that finding cutting with scissors difficult and need to take some of the anger out on the materials. This art task can be used with any age, preferably with adolescents and adults. As an art therapist, I like this one because it becomes successful no matter the skill level, it is less intimidating. (this is not used as a substitute for counseling/therapy.)


  • decorative paper, wrapping paper
  • glue/mod podge
  • brush for mod podge-I recommend to use mod podge
  • pencil
  • journal or 9″x12″ mix media paper
  • markers

You can work directly in your journal or you can tear the sheets out. This is your decision. Here is my supply of decorative papers. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns.

Here are the steps:

Draw with a pencil the shape you want to work in. I chose an apple. Then select the papers you want in your design. Pick up to 6 or 8 no less than 4. Think about the colors choices when selecting your decorative paper.

I used mod podge as the glue for the paper. I added some water to it to dilute it, it makes it easier to brush on the paper. I start in a small area and work my way around the shape that I drew. Tear the decorative paper in different shapes and start gluing it onto the paper. Overlapping is essential to make this a unique piece of art. Once it is filled in, then brush lightly a layer of mod podge onto the paper, covering it entirely.

After it dries draw a boarder around it in any color of marker. It adds a nice edge to it.

Below is a video of the demonstration:

Happy Decorative Collage!