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Progress on Derby

Finally the last horse is being stitched.

I’m planning to stay home for New Years Eve and stitch all day…

Happy New Year


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Watercolor with Soft Pastels

Supplies needed:

  • Brushes
  • Journal or any paper, thicker the better
  • Jar of water
  • Soft pastels

Put some water on a brush and brush the paper. Work in small areas at a time.

Then take a color soft pastels and color it onto the water. Take your brush and blend it into the paper. Add another color next to it and blend.

Other variation is to dip the pastel into the jar of water and color onto the paper.

Or take the soft pastel and color on the paper and use the brush with water on it to blend it.

Continue until you feel it is completed. Let dry and option is to go over it with dry soft pastels or markers, pens or anything multi-media you want to add to it.

Your art your creativity your choice.

See youtube video:



Friday Night Escape to the Derby

It’s been a week! I found myself stitching Derby a few times during the week. I find cross stitching relaxing and helps decrease my anxiety and overthinking.

Today, I didn’t have many things to do for work. So, it was stitching time. There must have been 2 hours where I continuously stitched and didn’t even get anything to drink. I had some tea before I began and felt satisfied. It was just the store bought black tea.

Soon I will get back to my tea of choice when stitching. Life has been too stressful lately. Yea, tea would help but with electricity going out, working a lot, stressed with my dog getting old, aggrevated with work, annoyed with people, and just plain tired, brewing tea hasn’t been on my mind.

I bought 2 new cross stitch patterns….I know I am not close to being done with Derby.

One is of birds in the winter for my sister. And the other is a Paris scene for me. It’s motivation to finish Derby very quickly. Just 8 more pages!

Yes, seriously, 8 MORE PAGES!

We will see what tomorrow brings, maybe more stitching…


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Thirty minutes of Art Journaling

Art journaling is a great way to let your create thoughts flow out into a page using art materials. During this pandemic an art journal can help to express your feelings, uncertainties and hope. Art skill and talent is not needed, simple supplies and trusting the process is all you need.

Supplies needed:

  • Art journal
  • Watercolor paints
  • Various sizes of brushes
  • Color pencils
  • Acrylic markers-optional

Start by brushing watercolors onto the paper. Any shape and line. Put a variety of colors and shaped into this first step.

Let it dry. Then take color pencils and start coloring in areas to give it a “pop.” Add acrylic markers to it for extra detail and depth. Layer the details. Just let yourself flow with it and not expect a specific painting at the end. Just have fun.

Happy journalling




Last week I lost my electricity from the winter storm. Again I found myself in my studio looking out the window and drawing by candlelight.

Then the next day came and this is the result of the snowstorm…

The art I worked on during the storm and by candlelight was silhouettes.

I really hope not having electricity 3 times in a month does not become the norm for this winter. It was beyond freezing and it was exhausting to be in a cold house.



Derby in Pictures

I have been working on Derby from Everything Cross stitch since June 2019.

I had a slight set-back stitching last week. First there’s a mistake in my counting and had to spend time figuring out where I made my mistake.

The other set-back is from having a winter snowstorm and my electricity went out for two days. It was impossible to stitch.

Here’s is the updated stitching progress.

I plan to stitch some today and get back on track.

Happy stitching