Friday Night Escape to the Derby

It’s been a week! I found myself stitching Derby a few times during the week. I find cross stitching relaxing and helps decrease my anxiety and overthinking.

Today, I didn’t have many things to do for work. So, it was stitching time. There must have been 2 hours where I continuously stitched and didn’t even get anything to drink. I had some tea before I began and felt satisfied. It was just the store bought black tea.

Soon I will get back to my tea of choice when stitching. Life has been too stressful lately. Yea, tea would help but with electricity going out, working a lot, stressed with my dog getting old, aggrevated with work, annoyed with people, and just plain tired, brewing tea hasn’t been on my mind.

I bought 2 new cross stitch patterns….I know I am not close to being done with Derby.

One is of birds in the winter for my sister. And the other is a Paris scene for me. It’s motivation to finish Derby very quickly. Just 8 more pages!

Yes, seriously, 8 MORE PAGES!

We will see what tomorrow brings, maybe more stitching…