Knitting a shawl

During my free time I have been stitching this shawl.

It’s simple, all knit stitch.

1st row- Knit 3 stitches

2nd row- stitch

3rd row-Knit and add a knit stitch, the stitch the remainder
4th row- Knit

Each row alternates with adding a stitch.

I used mandala yarn and size 4 needles

I’ll write more and my stitching later

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Hot Sunday at the Derby

I have been trying to find a more steady schedule to stitch. Unfortunately, I just can’t find more time in my week.

Since today is very hot where I live, I am stitching. The day consisted of me getting the covid vaccination, then to the garden center, then home, a nap and stitching for the rest of the day.

Here’s my garden, I have a courtyard and get to plant anything I want in it. I love my courtyard.

Onto Derby,

I have been on page 17 of 21, for a long time. I have not given updates, because it’s a challenge to see the progress as most stitches are black, navy or midnight colors. Kinda boring…

I’ll post my next update, hopefully sooner than later.

Happy stitching


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Knitting in the studio

Where have a been? I have been working on my health. Last few months has been a huge change in my diet. I have to eat gluten free dairy free and soy free. So my time was spent on clearing out my kitchen and learning to make meals differently.

It has made a difference. No more fatigue and brain fog. I can actually focus on my art.

I recently wanted to make something different. Fiber arts is something I have been drawn to. So I am knitting a shawl. I still paint and draw from time to time but not rushing to finish it.

The change with my health has helped me to relax and enjoy doing the art or craft rather than speeding to finish it.

I have many projects half-way finished. My goal is to get some of the completed by the end of the summer.

Here’s the shawl I am knitting.

Happy creating,