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Flower #7 A Quick Painting

The past few days I have been under much stress. So working in the studio has been difficult.

When I have stress and anxiety on top of chronic pain, my creative side does not emerge.

So today I went in the studio opened my journal and began painting. I wasn’t after anything perfect or amazing. I was after releasing the stuff that is clogging my creative side.

There it is my quick painting. Let’s hope my creative side returns quickly. Tomorrow I won’t be able to paint, another stressful day.

Happy day


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art · art journal · art studio · art therapy

Flower #6 A Beauty in Bloom

This morning started out sleeping in, and making the rest of the day leisurely.

Spending the morning in the art studio was a nice welcoming after a major night of excitement, laughter and decision making.

I began this challenge of drawing or painting flowers for the next month. The first painting I began, still needed to be completed. That is what my focus was today.

I began outlining with acrylic markers. If you have not tried acrylic markers, you definitely need to. I have hands that are not steady sometimes, these markers make the little details easier than getting frustrated with a brush.

My next flower painting will take me awhile. Stay tuned…

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Happy day


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Flower #5 flower doodle

Thank goodness it is Friday. Even though I work for a few hours tomorrow. I’m glad to have most of the day off. I really needed the break from the past few days.

It is raining with a nice breeze. I smell food from outside. It kinda smells like fried potatoes.

I spent the day watching movies and tv shows. And cross stitching. It’s been too long since I picked up my needle for stitching Derby.

Here is where I am at now…

What’s next?

At least one less column! I had to return to the fabric store to get more DMC colors. And I bought a new color of yarn…I want to knit an oversized wrap to use at my office. It gets cold in my office.

That will be another post in the future.

I did yoga and finished my doodle flower drawing. It done on a 9″x 6″ paper.

I will be concentrating on finishing my next painting.

And the rest of the month will be starting and completing a large flower painting. You will have to stay turned to more posts to see it. Sneak peak is coming soon.

(maybe I’ll add in some small flower paintings)

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Happy day


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Flower #4 Delight and Brights

What a Day! It started out stress with more stress and now ending in more delight and bright.

It was freshing to sit at my table to make art and use paper materials.


  • Assorted decorative paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Sponge brush
  • Acrylic markers

First choose the colors of the background. Layer the tissue paper on top of each other to blend colors. To layer use glue and water together and brush on paper with sponge brush then brush the tissue paper to smooth it.

Glue/water mixture. .add enough glue and water to make the glue thin, that way it is easy to spread.

Next cut out flower petal shapes in decorative paper.

Glue the petal shapes on the paper and take the glue/water mixture and go over the surface.

Let it dry. Then add details on the paper with acrylic markers.

Happy day


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Flower Painting Challenge-intro…

Today I was thinking about what I like the most during summer. Certainly not the heat or sun, since I’m fair skinned redhead, and I have an autoimmune that gets worse in the heat.

I don’t live near the beach, but I do live near the lake. But that was never anything that interested me. It’s beautiful love the sound of the waves, but not my love of summer.

It occurred to me that I will doodle flowers when I’m bored. That’s it, it is flowers! I grew up in the country and my mom always planted flowers. My clothing in summer has flowers on it, even a vase of ceramics has flowers painted on it. I love flowers the most and it’s what I like about summer.

I draw doodles of flowers but also paint flowers. As I’m writing this, my legs are up, they are very swollen today, I looked up at my sunflower painting.

For the next month I’m going to paint, draw or doodle flowers. It will be watercolor, acrylic, color pencil, oil pastel, or gel pens. I most likely won’t be able to make flower art each day (after all I have a stressful job). But who knows I might be able to.

Well, you will have to stay tuned to this blog to find out.

Happy day,


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Today is the Day

Today is such a beautiful day. It’s very cool this morning while I walked my dog.

After we got back home, I had banana bread (recipe is in the previous post) kiwi and grapes and sweet tea for breakfast.

Then I went to my studio to work on a new painting. The canvas has been prepared and the design had been sketched for several weeks. I was trying to finish a few things around the house before I began a new painting. so today it is.

It is no where complete. I am taking a break from it to clean and tidy the house before I need to sign on to talk with a client. Then I’ll be heading to the office.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back in the studio to add the details.

Happy day

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