Crossing Another Column Off

Today I spent many hours cross stitching. In between stitching, I walked my dog, helped to feed a neighbor’s cat and went shopping, cooked lunch and dinner. That’s a lot for my last vacation day.

I began this cross stitch two years ago. I’m getting closer to finishing. But by a glance of an eye, the stitching doesn’t look like there’s much progress.

There’s many color changes. To cross stitch one block can take up to an hour. It depends on how tired I am, my arthritic hand and my distraction level.

I normally watch Netflix or Hulu while stitching. While stitching I was watching a documentary about spiritual cults. Very interesting.

Now back to cross stitching…

I wonder when this will be completed? Below is a picture of the remaining area to be cross stitched.

Do you have a guess?

Happy Stitching,