Hot in the Studio

Today has been humid. My air conditioner does not work. Trust me it’s not a huge deal for me. I don’t like sitting in cold air. But my feet and legs get swollen from the weather.

I spent the good part of the day working. As an art therapist I was able to do some art with my young clients. Then I came home to cook a late lunch/early dinner. It was root vegetables, chicken thighs and a mixed green salad. It was delicious. (It’s sometimes hard being gluten free, soy free and dairy free) I was starving when I got home, and stopping at the restaurants is not an option.

So after eating, I made my way to the upstairs studio.

I started a watercolor painting, but need it to dry to complete it. (I’ll show that one later)

Then I started working on my painting. It’s an abstract flower painting. It’s at the very beginning stages. I paint with bold shapes, let it dry then paint shapes into of shapes and repeat that process until it looks pleasing to my eyes.

Here’s a flower painting, I painted this in the memory of my mother’s death.

I couldn’t stay in the studio for too long. My feet was starting to throb. (I have edema and rheumatoid arthritis) plus my dog was getting hot.

Now I’m downstairs, in a cooler part of the house. It’s looking like a knitting night with feet raised up kinda night.

I have another one sketched ready to paint soon…

My Etsy store is open…4pawsartstudio

Happy day