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Tired Tuesday

Today has been productive with seeing clients today. I work as an art therapist and counselor, and found today to be exhausting. I think the heat has really affected me. I can not wait for cooler weather to get a good nights sleep soon.

I managed to put some time in with knitting. It was worth the extra time, as the color change to the scarf has begun

For some reason my fingers just wanted to give my knitting a hard time today. The exhaustion of the heat and how it affects the Rheumatoid Arthritis and inflammation has really done a number on me.

Well eventually I will get this scarf done. My goal is to have it done by Friday, to start on a new project.

Here’s the evening self-care: self-care is needed for creativity

  • Evening walk with my dog
  • Evening yoga
  • Pet the cats
  • Go to bed

I can’t resist sharing how the new cat joined me with yoga.

Maybe I’ll be able to recharge myself for more creativity.

Etsy shop is open.

Happy Day,