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Thursday Heat

It’s been a week of hot humid weather.

Yesterday there’s was no posting about what’s happening at 4pawsartstudio because it wasn’t an interesting day. Basically I worked all day and took my dog to the vet and helped my neighbor out with feeding her cats.

Waking up extra early helped me to get out for a walk with my dog before the sun started to beat down on my fair skin.

After I started to knit the scarf. It was a surprise that I was able to finish it before I had to go into the office this afternoon.

It looked to boring… let’s add tassels!

I pinned the markers where to knit in the tassels.

Then measure and cut 12″ long of the color for the tassel. I had 3 strands in 12 groupings for each end of the scarf. Take a crochet hook and find the center, loop the grouping of yarn and crochet it where the marker is. But leave a loop and add the tail into the loop to tie it in place.

Then I cut the ends to match the length of the tassels.

I’m very pleased with it.

Look for it on Etsy in my shop named: 4pawsartstudio

Happy day