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Rainy morning

The question of the day, is it going to rain or sunshine. It seems to not know which one it’s to do.

I ran outside quickly before it started to thunderstorm to take a picture of my rose

I began my morning in my studio. Ever find yourself having too many projects and paintings unfinished?

I’m really trying to finish my projects this summer.

This is one that was started a few months ago…(I think, I don’t really remember when I started it)

Here is what I painted today

Anyone use these acrylic markers? They are fabulous.

I also designed a graduation card.

I used watercolor, gel pens and washi tape

And then it was time to eat lunch.

For the rest of the day, I will be cross stitching.

I have a slight headache, but definitely feel an improvement after the second covid vaccination. So glad that is over.

Art is sold on Etsy…4pawsartstudio

Happy day