Chapter 3 The Creative Cure

If you have been following my posts lately, I have been reading The Creative Cure by Jacob Nordby. It has been examining how a person can have a creative block caused by socialization, traumatic experiences and rejection.

Chapter 3 is about Restoring Imagination

He writes on page 38, “As we grow older, we tend to trade imagination for logic, and like any other skill we don’t use, we get out of practice using our imagination.” We must have the right answer, the right way of doing things etc. No imagination anymore when we are adults!

I love this statement on page 39. “Imagination is personal-each of us does it differently (though it can be done in groups with exciting results).”

in summary of this section of the book : Imagination is a muscle and we can practice it and strengthen it at any time.

Exercise from the book: Problem-solving with random words

Chose a problem:

my problem is: Not having enough fun and laughter in my life.

use online random word generator: grab the first word you find

My word is: Defend

write about the ways your problem might be like this word:

here’s my writing:

I have to constantly defend myself, my actions, my decisions. I felt all my life everyone watched me, watched what I was doing and had a sarcastic input about it. I have to defend my work, my counseling skills, my decisions at work. I have to defend my requests and comments. I have to defend my opinions. I have no one to help defend me. I am alone in this world fighting for my place, guarded ready to defend. I feel insecure to let go of my defense and become vulnerable while everyone is watching. I have to defend my decisions with my home, my decisions with my career and my decisions with my money and my physical health. I have to answer to everyone, but I am alone. This makes me irritated. I don’t know the solution to this. I feel happier when I am alone in my own space. I don’t want to defend myself about my decision to create art and focus on my self-care. I don’t need to defend myself to others, no one owns me. I can decide what I want and allowed to make my own mistakes. I am allowed to live and take chances with my life. I am allowed to spend my money on a vacation or my home if I want. So be it, people just have to accept that I am alive and that they don’t need to control me. They need to accept that I want things that are different than they want for me. So be it. I need to not focus on defending myself but just taking chances and not feel anxious about making a mistake and people watching me.

exercise: Daydreaming Meditation: daydream about having fun with someone

That was difficult because I had to meditate for 10 minuets. I daydreamed about having fun with my childhood friend, Kim. I miss her and wish we stayed connected.

exercise: artists dates:

Make a plan to do art stuff—I kinda do that. maybe I need to actually label it in my calendar

exercise: shoulds and should’ts: the tools of socialization

I need to start listening to when I say or hear or think “I should, or I should not.”

exercise: what if you are perfect now?

he suggests to write these down, and essentially think about them and write about it later.

What if I am perfect just as I am right now?

What if I am enough?

What if everything is just as it should be right this moment?

What if I am doing the best I can?

This was a chapter with an overwhelming amount of exercises. I definitely want to do the meditation again. I want to be able to remember the fun and creativity we had together.

I have some thinking and processing to do with this chapter.

Happy Day