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Chapter 4 Rediscovering Intuition and Honoring Emotions

I have been reading The Creative Cure by Jacob Nordby. It has been an interesting to go through this book and examine what’s lodged inside of me.

This chapter is about trusting your intuition. Page 63 “The problem is that most of us weren’t taught the skill of listening to and following our intuition, as we live in a society that’s imbued with a logic-based cultural bias.”

Page 64 “I can’t imagine returning to a time when I shut down the guidance of that interior voice.” “When we shut down or ignore our intuition, as so many of us have been trained to do, it’s no surprise that the element of joy in our life suffers.”

This is compelling, as I feel my joy has been cemented inside of me, can’t escape from the past traumas I have witnessed, experienced and heard. Life has been too traumatic for me.

He writes further about if you are lost to feel your intuition that reconnecting to it will feel awkward. And to distinguish between intuitive feeling and wishful thinking will become difficult. Old habits, fears and biases may dominate your thinking.

There are exercises in this chapter: Blind contour drawing, dream log, intuitive painting.

I will share about the exercises in the next post about chapter 4….

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