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Learning to Bake Gluten Free

This is my first attempt to make gluten free bread from scratch. I made the gluten free breads from Simple Mills box. Those are good, but I grew up making muffins, cakes and brownies by scratch. I used a recipe on a blog I found on Pinterest. I was not sure if I made this correctly. The directions slightly confused me, because I am not familiar with all of these different flours.

The interest link is

Tapioca flour, rice flour, psyllium husk. And the list can go on!

The Flours

I decided to use 1 to 1 Bob’s Red Mill baking Flour, Not knowing if this was a good substitute, when the recipe stated “substitute it for regular flour. So I didn’t use the tapioca flour or the psyllium husk.

Time will tell if I used the correct flour.


It was simple to put together and mix. But I found it needed more water. I couldn’t shape it in a ball. I added a little olive oil in bowl too.

Put it in a bowl with cling wrap to tighten it so it can rise. I put mine with towels around it in front of my electric fireplace.

Section off 5 pieces and roll in a ball. Put back in the covered bowl for 10-20 mins.

It was a FLOP

So it was a flop. I am not surprised. I think it was the flour mixture.. the blog I was reading was thorough and organized. Not at all the writers fault. I need to learn how to bake gluten free!

What’s Next?

I ordered gluten free cookbooks about making bread and baking. I need to understand these flours.

The challenge of gluten free, soy free and dairy free is learning how to make recipes and relearning recipes without those ingredients.


Here’s what I had for lunch instead.

Broccoli salad with tomatoes and spinach and arugula, hamburger, and toast with bruschetta.

Happy Day