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Simple Morning Routine

Today I woke up feeling lethargic and sad. Nothing happened between last night and this morning to bring on my sadness.

I ended up sleeping on the sofa for an hour after my pets wanted to be fed. Then I took a hot shower and took a short walk with my dog. I didn’t have enough time to walk her and make a hot drink before I had to sign on the computer for my first client.

Gluten Free Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate sounded like a perfect feeling better hot drink.

I bought a gluten free hot chocolate Silliness by Nature/ silly ow farms. It’s expensive but certainly healthier for my digestive system.

First I pour almond milk in my cup to measure how much I need. Then I pour the milk in a saucepan. Heat it. I never bring it to a boil. I like the milk to be warm not overly hot.

While the milk is warming up, I measure 2 teaspoons of the hot chocolate mix and put it in my cup.

Then I pour the warm milk in my cup. And stir.

I had a few extra minutes so I started writing a list of books I want to read. I’m not an avid reader but I want to incorporate it into my evening relaxing routine.

After my session, I had time to prepare part of my dinner I will have tonight. Having an autoimmune illness, preparing meals ahead is helpful. Plus it’s supposed to rain and turn to a wintery mix. Ughh…

Last Friday I made chicken soup in a crockpot. I took that out of the freezer. And decided to make cornbread muffins. Using Krusteaz cornbread mix.

Cornbread Muffins

I decided to have a cornbread muffin with my lunch. It was tasty. Then afterwards I had the cinnamon muffin for some sweetness.

Off to the Office

Happy Day