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Mission: To Minimize

This year my mission is to buy less and enjoy what I have. One of the things I have done was buy a book and never get time or energy to read.

So I gathered my books and put them in a bin. The bin is under my side table in my bedroom. The plan is to read every night for a half hour to an hour.

There’s no goal as far as reading all of these books. But the goal is to not buy any new books until I have read more than half that’s in the bin!

Only exception to buying a book is if I take a course related to my field and feel it will benefit me.

I wrote a list of books I have and want to read

Then I wrote a list of books I’m interested in reading that I heard about from other blogs at vlogs.

I continued writing my lists and this is a list of steps to take to minimize my life…

And these are the projects I want to finish before I take on more projects.

It’s a new year and time to make changes. Last year was stressful with no goals and no ambition. It was a year I was sick, felt bloated and extreme fatigue. Then I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. And life changed. Now I want to own less, enjoy more and prioritize myself. I don’t want to focus on money but rather being smart about my purchases.

Happy Day