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Take Two Gluten Free Pita Bread

The other day I tried making the gluten free bread from the blog I found on Pinterest.

The pinterest link is

It failed. Because I used “regular gluten free flour” not white rice flour.

So today, it’s snowing and cold which makes a good day to be in the kitchen.

I now have all the ingredients. I didn’t have white rice flour the other day. I also bought a kitchen scale. As I’m learning that gluten free flours need to be measured in grams not cups.

I set everything out for room temperature, while I was in my home office, decluttering.

Now I wait for the dough to rise. It definitely is better using the white rice flour. The dough formed a nice ball.

I have it tucked in my kitchen with towels over it to help it rise. It will be another 45 minutes until then next step.

The pita bread did not puff. I saw some puffing but certainly not like how the blog shows. I will have to continue perfecting it.

I made butternut squash soup with pita bread hummus, salami and cucumbers.

It was the most delicious lunch I had in a long time.

The recipe is a success. More successful with the white rice flour!

Happy Day