Declutter goals

My next set of decluttering is to help me organize papers, cleaning supplies and go through the storage closet.

  • Shred paper
  • Organize bankers boxes
  • Put shelf in closet
  • Organize cleaning supplies
  • Clean off shelf in bathroom
  • Reorganize storage closet

Steps for Decluttering

  • have a vision of how you want the room/space to be
  • sort items that are similar together
  • donate and discard items
  • One room and one space at a time

Declutter progress

I had tons of trash and recycling to discard. Also donated a few items. And have a small pile ready for a garage sale this early summer.

More decluttering will be occurring in weeks to come.

Gluten Free Dinner

Salad with cucumbers, radishes and avocado. With a side of Mandarin orange.

I grilled a dairy free cheese sandwich on gluten free bread. Canyon honey white bread is fabulous!

This evening will be knitting and resting.

Happy Day