Checking Off My List

I wrote a list at the beginning of the year as a goal to minimize my home.


  • Go through make-up and nail polish
  • Go through office
  • Repaint office-brighten it
  • Go through art work
  • Storage room- reorganize
  • Get rid of things in storage closet not using
  • Clean out closet in office
  • Go through kitchen drawers
  • Reorganize cookbooks
  • Go through clothes

I have succeeded in checking off a lot on this list.

What is left?

  • Repaint office
  • Go through art work
  • Go through clothes.

Arts and Crafts List

  • Finish winter Gathering
  • Finish knit shawl
  • Finish knit scarf
  • Finish wooden houses
  • Start new cross stitch
  • Start knit blanket
  • Painting and drawing- when I feel need to create, I’ll be in the studio

Accomplished on Arts and Crafts

  • Finished winter Gathering
  • Started new cross stitch
  • Working on daily to finish the knitted shawl.
  • working on knitted scarf when a client does not show for a session

Stay tuned to my decluttering progress, more gluten free meals, more art and anything in-between!

*thanks for following me, it a wonderful support to know someone cares what I say and doing in my life!*

Happy Day