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The Artist Life

It’s been another few weeks, or has it been months, since I posted. I have been taking care of myself, doing some thinking and making changes. Actually big changes.

I have not enjoyed my career for a long time. I am now making a decision to open my own art as therapy business. I am a registered art therapist and want to try online art as therapy sessions. I named my business Zen Art and Wellness. You can find me under that name on Instagram and Youtube. I am really excited to get my first few clients.

This tulip painting has been sitting on my easel for some time. I wanted this to be a quick painting, turns out the only way for anything to be quick is to actually work on it!!! But I have been side tracked with developing my business. I am now done with most of the “boring” business stuff and can now be creative. I am still working my other job as a counselor, until I can live off of my business.

I am going to really try to focus on making more art and getting it on Etsy, I have not shown my best art, so there will be a clean up on it and I might be making a change to where I sell my art. Not sure yet….

The tulip painting will be for sale, both in print and the real painting on canvas!!!!

Here is me in my studio. I bought some new lights, but I need a few hooks to put it up, so maybe off to the store later today for that. Might be my evening adventure.

Enjoy your day and take a look at my art on Etsy! And check out my business as well on Instagram and Youtube.