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What activities do I lose myself in?

What activities do you lose yourself in?

Most people on this blog know that I am an artist, so no surprise that I would say anything art related, but mostly cross stitching. There is nothing like the feel of the thread going through the little tiny holes in the cross stitch fabric. I love the colors of the threads when they are stitched together or side-by-side. It’s a calming way to pass the time away, especially on Sunday afternoons. I usually work a few hours Sunday morning at my counseling job, and then I grab lunch and then get comfortable under a blanket with my cross stitch supplies to the side of me.

I will watch a show on Netflix and stitch for hours without caring about anything else. There have been times I stitched so much my hand was swollen and it hurt so much. I also had times were the housework just had to wait until another day. The stitching is priority!

Cross stitching and any needlepoint is an old-fashioned craft, and I wish more people would learn how it can be rewarding to follow a pattern and get a wonderful beautiful painting in threads at the end.

Here is what I have been working on, Rue Paris,


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