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My Dream Home

Write about your dream home.

This is a prompt to write about that has been on my mind. What is my dream home? Hmmm.

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It would be in the woodlands, forest trees sounding my home, with flowers that have the scent of lavender, roses and earthy smells. There will be tulips in the spring, roses for the summer and burning bushes in the autumn. In the winter, there will be decorations on the outside of the home with evergreen clippings, pinecones and berries. The quietness of life at this home would allow me to have endless time of making oil paintings, sewing and needle work. The kitchen would be stocked with veggies and fruits, and pastries every once in awhile. The rooms of the house would be small, comfortable and warm and cozy. There would be fresh tea daily as I would sit at the large window and ponder my day. There would be space for yoga and a huge room for my art studio. I would be in the studio daily making art and packaging my art to customers who purchased it.

The sounds of birds while the windows are open and the crickets and frogs would be a welcome delight along with my cats and dogs. I would have a shed in the backyard for garden tools and would work in my vegetable garden early in the morning.

The home would have an art studio with a wall full of windows with a sliding door that leads to a patio where I can sit on a soft bench and mediate

Photo pexels

I will keep dreaming of this home….