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Best book I’ve Read in a Long Time

I have been going to my local library lately. And I stumbled across this author. I read her newest book Maureen and I was struck by how she wrote and captured the moment and the feeling. I’m not an avid reader so in a book really affects me and moves me then I want to keep reading all the books from that author.

So I went back to the library and I found the music shop. It is a must read for anybody that loves music and wants a very good heartwarming story. It was so moving I don’t know what part was the most moving if it was the music or it was the characters or it was just the feeling that we all have had disappointments at one time and wanted a second chance.

The most amazing thing about this book this is that she put together a playlist of the music that is written about in the book. I have now listened to it on Spotify. It was such a moving decision on her part.

I can’t say enough about this book it left me in tears because it affected me emotionally.

I recommend you to read this book.