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Bookmark Art

As I sit under many blankets plus the weighted blanket, coloring is calling me.

I grabbed some of my bookmarks and gel pens and headed to relax my legs.

It’s another night of my legs feeling swollen and achy. That’s what happens with rheumatoid arthritis and edema.

I must confess, I have been eating too much sugar and not enough fruits. Tomorrow back to my strict eating. (Gluten free dairy free and soy free, eliminate sugar.) And I need to buy melon as it helps to release fluid in my body.

Happy Day


art · doodle drawing · gel pen drawing

Zentangle of Colors

The other day I was digging through some of my sketches and come along these drawings I started a few years ago.

Let me explain myself: I work as a mental health counselor and art therapist. Life gets extremely busy for me. Especially with the pandemic, the need is greater than ever. I work at a small private practice, so I get paid only if clients come in for their session. I have really great clients who respect my time and their session.

So with that said, my free time to draw and actually finish my ideas, which I have probably have too much for one lifetime, is minimal.

So here I was trying to figure out where to go with my art. I have not opened my store, that that’s on my list. Right now I just want to finish projects and drawings that have been sitting in a file for too long.

Here is two of the drawings I completed.

I’ll be back with more drawings soon.