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Sunday in the Studio

Today I spent about two hours in my studio. It’s not much time, but my body is fatigue swollen and I just couldn’t sit long without my legs raised up. Part of the issues of having Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I really need to find a foot stool.

The other day, I stopped at the craft store before work. These metallic watercolor paints were staring at me…

I said “sure why not?” With an arm full of merchandise, I left the store in hopes I would paint later that day.

Well, the painting happened the next day.

I have been thinking about what I want to focus on for my online store. When I was in college, one of my projects was making handmade stationary. I enjoyed card making and decided that is what I’ll focus on. A little painting with a mix of stamping and collage with inspirational quotes.

That’s truly me. A person said art is my soul. I want to share my soul through card making.

Here I am at the studio table with the metallic watercolor paints and my head spinning of ideas.

Christmas is coming, that would be my inspiration. These will be potentially sold next year. (Not ready to open my shop)

I used canson watercolor paper. Then I cut it in 4 equal sizes 4.5″ x 6″.

Then I started painting…

Also used metallic paint and acrylic paint markers for added details.

Here’s the final paintings:

There’s more that will be done to it, once the plain cards are delivered. Embellishments will be included to the painting. The cards will be jazzed up.

Until then


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Kiwi Watercolor

The other day I wanted to relax before the day ended. I found myself wanting to water color that night.

The lights were dim, the candles were lite in the window. Painting in dim light was a challenge, but it was something that I have not done since art school.

I used watercolors from Artist’s Loft, it is a cheaper brand of watercolor. It seems that the colors are crisp and the flow of consistency of the paint is really fluid. The five colors I used were Viridian, Lemon Yellow, Prussian Blue, Violet, and Burnt Sienna.

The brushes I used were small sized watercolor brushes, again inexpensive.

And the paper is watercolor by Artist’s Loft. This paper is really nice for small simple watercolor paintings.

I did not take pictures of each stage of the painting. In the future I will show steps on how I completed it.


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Apples and Pears

This morning I sat in my art studio, before it became overly hot in there and started a watercolor painting.

Pears and apples by Caroline 2020 watercolor

This reminds me of Cézanne’s art.

An art instructor at the art school I attended always told me to reference Cézanne for inspiration as his painterly style is similar to mine.

Cézanne 1839-1906

Here’s his paintings.

Vessels, basket and fruit (the kitchen table) 1888-1890, oil on canvas

Onions and bottle 1895-1900 oil on canvas

I was extremely grateful to have seen these at Musée d’Orsay in Paris France.


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Watercolor Monday

I had some time today while waiting for my dog who is at the doggy spa. (Definitely a well needed bath)

I wanted to watercolor, sometimes I have artists’ block. I began painting the rose from a photo I took.

I’m not sure if I like it. Definitely can tell I was not loose in my hand.

Then I decided to paint an elephant. One of my favorite animals.

Most definitely very proud of this watercolor painting. Painterly style is what I paint in the best.

Hope you enjoyed my paintings today.