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10- Day Exercise Calendar

This is my list of exercises I put together for a healthy improvement for the lymphatic system. I am not an expert in exercise, not a fitness trainer, just someone who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lymphedema and Lipedema.

Day 1: morning: walk outside, Lymphatic exercise on youtube, cycle

Day 1: Evening: Lymphatic exercises on youtube

Day 2: Morning: yoga for lymphatic system, 30mins, cycle for 10 minutes,outside walk for 27 minutes

Day 2: Evening: yoga with Adrienne 30days, cycle for 10 minutes, walking for 20 minutes

Day 3: Morning: walked 20 mins, yoga for 20 minutes, dumbbells for 10 minutes

Day 3: Evening: lymphatic exercises, cycle

Day 4: Morning: 30 min yoga, 10 min cycle

Day 4: Evening: lymphatic yoga, lymphatic exercises, cycle

Day 5: Morning: yoga, abs, cycle

Day 5: Evening: lymphatic exercises, cycle

Day 6: Morning: yoga, cycle

Day 6: Evening lymphatic exercises cycle

Day 7: Morning: yoga

Day 7: Evening: none, rested and kept my legs elevated

Day 8: Morning yoga cycling

Day 8: Evening lymphatic exercises cycling

Day 9: Morning: 30 min yoga, cycling for 8 mins

Day 9: Evening: walked for 30 minutes

Day 10: Morning yoga with meditation and restorative yoga, cycling

Day 10: Evening 20 minute walk

Review: I did really well for 10 days. My goal was to do this for a whole month however some personal issues came up that I decided to do this challenge for 10 days. But it gave me a really good idea of the type of exercising I could do that seems to help me throughout the day and also is good for the evening. I will continue exercising I’m just not going to log it and share everything. I have not been outside walking for a while because of the smoke from the Canadian wildfire.

I am hoping to be able to walk starting tomorrow as they say the air will be much better to be outside.


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Day 6 healthy challenge

June 1, 2023

Yesterday I didn’t do so well with my eating habits. I realized there’s been no fruits in my system. When I eat fruits, I am less likely wanting to eat something salty or just not healthy.

Today’s goal is to have fruits.

I started my day at 5:30am. I made my hot tea.

Morning Exercise

Yoga, cycling


Egg over toast, spinach and asparagus


A few slices of cheese


Popcorn and I had a coke.


Pasta, chicken, spinach, mushrooms with Alfredo sauce. It’s gluten free and the sauce hasn’t upset my stomach!!!!

Evening Exercise

Lymphatic exercises and cycling

Today my legs ended up being extremely swollen I think partly because it was hot and I did not put compression socks on my legs today. Sometimes I have a hard time and compression socks on while I’m wearing a dress that would show the socks. I probably shouldn’t have that as a concern but you get stared at when you’re out in public that way. It’s something I still have to work through.


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Day 5-healthy challenge

Wednesday May 31, 2023

I woke up this morning and it was stuffy in the house. It was in a high ’80s yesterday and the humidity wasn’t as bad at night but with the house closed up it was getting hot. I woke up around 5:00 a.m. and I fed my animals open the front door to get the breeze and made myself a cup of hot tea. I decided I’m going to take this week off from walking to heal my blister and it’s just too hot for me to walk outside.

Morning Exercise

20 min yoga with balance and core, 5 min ab work, cycle for 13 mins


Banana bread and two boiled eggs.


I didn’t know what to eat so I had cereal.


Fish, salad and baked potato

Evening Exercise

Lymphatic exercises and cycle


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Day 4-healthy challenge

Tuesday May 30, 2023

I woke up at 5:15am. Feeling tired. I made hot tea and will decide if I want to walk outside. It’s hot out and if I want to be outside this is the best time. But my feet and that blister kinda hurt.

Morning Exercise

I decided to stay inside to exercise. I want my blister to heal before I walk again. And it’s starting to get hot and it’s only 7:30!

So my exercise consisted of yoga for 30 minutes, and cycle for 10 minutes.


Banana bread with two boiled eggs with salt and pepper. Iced coffee.

Later I had yogurt, got hungry and had a small break from work.


Oops forgot to take a photo. I had a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, kidney beans and chicken breast. I used dairy free ranch dressing. And water. I had sweetened ice tea as well today


Nothing for dinner. I had a late lunch and was not really hungry.

Evening Exercise

It’s just too hot out for a walk. 10 years ago I probably would have walked! Instead I did lymphatic yoga, lymphatic exercises and cycle.

I had a popsicle after working out along with water.

The heat is making it difficult on my legs. I feel swollen and heavier with fluid. Working out with a lot of fluid limits me, but it felt good to do the lymphatic exercises.


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Day 3- healthy challenge

Monday May 20, 2023

Waking up was hard. I wanted to sleep more. I managed to get up and start having my hot tea at 6:15. I’m trying to barter with myself to wash the floors in place of walking.

I felt a little hungry so I ate some dry Chex. So now I have to take a walk.

Morning Exercise

Walked for 20 mins, yoga for 20 mins, dumbbells for 10 minutes


Rice noodles, 2 boiled eggs, yogurt


I made a smoothie with a banana and ice coffee, added in protein powder.


I forgot to take a photo of my dinner. I had tuna patties, salad, and rice with water.

Evening Exercise

Lymphatic exercises and cycle. Then I cleaned the floor, mopping it. So that is an exercise in itself! I did not walk because it was too hot and I don’t do well in hot weather.

I also noticed a blister between my toes. It depends on how it is tomorrow morning if I go for a walk.


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Day 2-healthy challenge

Sunday May 28, 2023

Wake up

It was hard to wake up today. Sleep was difficult because I had a weird dream, got overheated and my cat bothered me until I got up to feed him in the middle of the night. I then laid down on the couch and fell asleep there for the rest of the night.

I officially woke up at 5:00am. Fed my cats and dog. Made hot tea, did some blogging and relaxed. I really would like to fall back asleep. But I need to stay awake and start my morning exercises..

Pexels image

Morning Exercise

Today I decided to do a 30 minute lymphatic yoga which I found on Youtube. Then I spent about 10 minutes on the cycle. Afterwards, I took a shower and got ready for the day. At this point it is around 7:30. I decided to take my dog out and see if she wanted to take a walk. She had the energy today to want a walk, she’s 14 years old. That pleased me. We were out for 27 minutes walking.


I made eggs on toast with spinach. It was a simple breakfast. I was thinking about intermittent fasting. I was getting really hungry and felt I would end up eating something unhealthy or get a headache if I did not eat. I don’t know if intermittent fasting will be a good thing for me at this point. I did sneak some veggie chips. But I won’t have anymore for the rest of the day.


I had nothing for lunch. Today I had a strong headache and I was on my way to my dad’s. So I stopped to get a coke and took Excedrin.


I had a salad, beans and baked potato. I ended up feeling full.

What I did today

It is Sunday, like I said before, I work as a self-employed counselor. With that and the prices of groceries and me trying hard to improve my finances, I need to work a few hours each day, whether it is a full day of appointments or a few in the morning. Sunday I work until noon. I see 4 clients and it actually goes really fast.

Evening Exercise

I had restless legs which is common for lipedema. I followed a yoga YouTube video, then cycled and then took a 20 min walk.

Review of the day. I feel great, relaxed and stronger.


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A Day of Rest

Today is my day off of work. I’m in need of a little rest. Unfortunately, the late afternoon I will need to go to the store. Have to look for sheds and a tree to plant.

Morning, I take my time getting up. Feed the cats and dog. Take the dog for a little walk. Have my hot tea with Goji berries in it (helps immune system and fights inflammation). Sometimes a few knitting stitches might get done. Sometimes I’ll lay down again.

Then off to my studio where I have my yoga mat. Usually a 15 minute yoga practice for the morning is my choice. Just enough to wake my body up.

After a walk with my dog, I’ll make a smoothie.

This morning a fruit smoothie sounded delicious.

When I buy fresh fruits, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and bananas, sometimes I’ll put them in the freezer to save before they spoil.

(bananas need to be cut in small slices, set on a cookie sheet and put in freezer for a few hours or overnight. Then transfer to a freezer bag.)

Fruit smoothie

  • 2/3 cup of frozen berries
  • 1 whole banana
  • 1 tablespoon flax seed
  • 1/2 cup or more pineapple juice

Put all in the blender. Pour in a glass. Enjoy.

Today is the start of me using a water bottle with times on it. It helps to remember to drink water throughout the day and ensures you get the amount you need.

I have Edema in my legs. The swelling and inflammation is causing it. The blood tests do not show it’s from other organs complicating anything. Unfortunately I hold onto water fluid especially in the summer. But it’s the entire year I have this. I wear compression socks in the fall and winter. But it’s too hot in the spring and summer to wear them. Part of the problem with Edema is water fluid is from actually not having enough water, so the body holds onto it. (Unless you have congested heart disease etc) please I’m not a doctor so follow what your doctor’s recommends.

Here’s my water bottle.

I spent some time in the studio this morning. All the 8″x8″ canvases has the first coat of paint on it.

It’s lunch time… I’m not very hungry. Lunch will consist of rice cakes-salt free, peanut butter, banana , and water

I ended up with a headache. Could be a sign of a storm coming.

I’m now on the sofa, going to take a nap. And do some knitting for the remainder of the day.

I took out frozen gluten free barbeque chicken I made a few weeks ago…that will be dinner with a salad.

Just never know when chronic illness and rheumatoid arthritis changes things on you.

Happy Day