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30 Drawings of Mandalas

Drawing Challenge

This challenge is to doodle 30 mandalas. Why, you ask? Just for fun, and to get myself focused on art and creativity again.

I am working out of a hardback sketch book, 8″ x 11″ using a black pen and crayons, color pencils or gel pens. This is something I can do before I go to sleep. Resting my legs under my weighted blanket after a long day. With my work schedule, taking care of my pets and resting my body, I won’t be able to finish these in 30 days. The outcome will be having 30 doodle mandalas.

I started drawing this evening. Here is my rheumatoid arthritis hand. Swollen, puffy and joints are in pain from all the drawing.

The completed drawing will be posted later…

Happy Day


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Flower #7 A Quick Painting

The past few days I have been under much stress. So working in the studio has been difficult.

When I have stress and anxiety on top of chronic pain, my creative side does not emerge.

So today I went in the studio opened my journal and began painting. I wasn’t after anything perfect or amazing. I was after releasing the stuff that is clogging my creative side.

There it is my quick painting. Let’s hope my creative side returns quickly. Tomorrow I won’t be able to paint, another stressful day.

Happy day


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Flower #6 A Beauty in Bloom

This morning started out sleeping in, and making the rest of the day leisurely.

Spending the morning in the art studio was a nice welcoming after a major night of excitement, laughter and decision making.

I began this challenge of drawing or painting flowers for the next month. The first painting I began, still needed to be completed. That is what my focus was today.

I began outlining with acrylic markers. If you have not tried acrylic markers, you definitely need to. I have hands that are not steady sometimes, these markers make the little details easier than getting frustrated with a brush.

My next flower painting will take me awhile. Stay tuned…

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Happy day


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Flower Painting Challenge-intro…

Today I was thinking about what I like the most during summer. Certainly not the heat or sun, since I’m fair skinned redhead, and I have an autoimmune that gets worse in the heat.

I don’t live near the beach, but I do live near the lake. But that was never anything that interested me. It’s beautiful love the sound of the waves, but not my love of summer.

It occurred to me that I will doodle flowers when I’m bored. That’s it, it is flowers! I grew up in the country and my mom always planted flowers. My clothing in summer has flowers on it, even a vase of ceramics has flowers painted on it. I love flowers the most and it’s what I like about summer.

I draw doodles of flowers but also paint flowers. As I’m writing this, my legs are up, they are very swollen today, I looked up at my sunflower painting.

For the next month I’m going to paint, draw or doodle flowers. It will be watercolor, acrylic, color pencil, oil pastel, or gel pens. I most likely won’t be able to make flower art each day (after all I have a stressful job). But who knows I might be able to.

Well, you will have to stay tuned to this blog to find out.

Happy day,


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Watercolor with Soft Pastels

Supplies needed:

  • Brushes
  • Journal or any paper, thicker the better
  • Jar of water
  • Soft pastels

Put some water on a brush and brush the paper. Work in small areas at a time.

Then take a color soft pastels and color it onto the water. Take your brush and blend it into the paper. Add another color next to it and blend.

Other variation is to dip the pastel into the jar of water and color onto the paper.

Or take the soft pastel and color on the paper and use the brush with water on it to blend it.

Continue until you feel it is completed. Let dry and option is to go over it with dry soft pastels or markers, pens or anything multi-media you want to add to it.

Your art your creativity your choice.

See youtube video:



Monday’s Art

I’m in my studio today. It’s a beautiful Autumn day, the tree outside of my art studio is glowing with golden leaves.

I started painting a lady bug to warm up my creativity, my arm and just to wake up to some color.

Lunch came so I walked my dog, are and talked to a neighbor then returned to the studio.

Originally watercolor was going to be my choice of medium, but color pencils prevailed.

This drawing took me an hour. My arm is tired but it felt great to color shapes. Most of my work is similar to this. Shapes and using lines in my art is part of my brand.

I’m satisfied with this drawing.