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Mindful Drawing

A mindful drawing is a drawing that starts with a scribble shape and layers of shapes are added to it, until, you as the artist decide that the drawing is completed. Then you will take color pencils, pens or markers and color in the shapes as it pleases you. This is a drawing that has no right or wrong.

The purpose of mindful drawing:

  • keeps focus on present moment
  • helps to slow down
  • decreases anxiety

Steps to take before you start a mindful drawing

  • set an intention-is it to relax, want to decrease self-criticism, let go of judgment and resistance
  • meditate
  • listen to calming music to help relax
  • Follow your intuition

The supplies:

  • paper-I use paper from a 11″x14″ multi-media paper sketch book
  • color pencils
  • color pens
  • markers-thin and thick

First I start with a black pen and start making marks on paper, circles, lines, different shapes.

Then I start coloring in the shapes. You can pre-determine the colors, or you can chose colors based on what you want at the moment.

Below is the completed drawing. I moved it around and like all sides.

Give it a try.


Heart of a Doodle

A few doodles that I designed. Doodling helps me to unwind after a long day.

Hearts intertwined. March 2020 by Caroline

Yogi by Caroline Feb 2020

The next doodle is not completed, work is still in progress. It definitely has a different composition and emotion than my other doodles.

By Caroline March 2020

I’ll post more of my Doodle art soon



Some Small Doodles

2016 I began small Doodle pictures of animals. I tend to have way too many projects happening at once. But doodles help me to calm down and relax.

I used a thin fine tip pen for these doodles. I lightly sketched each figure first then started to add the shaped for the Doodle Drawing.

Enjoy these doodles. Please do not copy my original art work.

Bird, dog, cat, flamingo…

More to come later this week.


Mindful Doodle Drawing

Lately, I have not been drawing as much as I would like. It has been a long week, and I have colored a little on this doodle drawing.

The choice of materials are:

  • gel pens
  • markers
  • metallic pens and markers

Below is a close up of the coloring

What mindful coloring can do for you:

  • increase focus
  • increase breathing
  • increase observation
  • it is a form of meditation

What is mindfulness:

  • alert awareness from being focused on the present moment.
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress
  • regulate behavior, and cognitive emotional and interpersonal functioning
  • encourages creativity
  • reduce fear of judgment

I will give you an update on this drawing as I get it completed…

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”