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Knit in squares blanket

6 different knit squares stitched together. Took a year to finish. Some mistakes but good for the first time.

Opened a shop

Etsy and Redbubble is now open. Take a look search for 4pawsartstudio to see my work.


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Knitting a Blanket

I have been wanting to knit a blanket. I decided to come up with my own design with stitches that I enjoy knitting. I might throw in a new stitch as well. This yarn is made by Big Twist Tweed, 382 yd. I am using 6.0 mm knitting circular needle. 33 stitches are cast on, but hurdle stitch, you need 34 cast on stitches.

Garter knit stitch

Diagonal Knit Stitch

Hurdle Knit Stitch

So Far I made:

I made 3 different stitch patterns, 6 pieces of each. There is a plan for 3 more different stitch patterns to go. I am starting with a small amount and see how much bigger I want the blanket.

Next Post Coming:

Update on my cross stitch Rue Paris. It has been a long time since I stitched on my cross stitch and talked about it….

Happy Day


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Diagonal Knit Stitch

This knit stitch is great for scarves, blankets, dish towels. It’s easy. It takes two types of stitches knit and purl.


Cast on multiple of 4 plus 2.

* repeat, pattern begins each row with knit 1, and ends with knit 1.

  • Row 1- k1, (*p2, k2), k1
  • Row 2- k1, (*p1,k2,p1), k1
  • Row 3- k1, (*k2, p2), k1
  • Row 4- k1, (*k1,p2,k1), k1

I am stitching squares of different stitches and will be stitching them together for a blanket. I am hoping it will be a blanket that can go on my bed for the summer. It will be a long wait for this to be finished. But it will be worth it.

Happy Day



Stitching a Different Stitch

It is too difficult to take my cross stitch with me to work. I have a job that is extremely flexible with my work hours and if I am not seeing a client I don’t have to “look busy.” Sometimes I will have 2 hours to wait until my next client comes in. I usually watch something on Netflix on my laptop maybe I have to finish some documentation, other times, I am caught up and need something to do. I could read, but reading was never an interest.

I have been working on a crochet blanket for probably 3 years. This is the year I claim will be the year I finish some projects. This is one that is on the top of my list. I don’t love crochet, in fact I find it incredibly boring. Most likely I won’t start another one for a long time, if I even decide to. I prefer the cross stitching needle between my fingers than the crochet needle.

Below is the blanket I am crocheting. This blanket will be long and wide enough to wrap up in on a cold night. It is about half-way finished.

detail of the stitch

I hope you enjoyed looking at my other stitching. I definitely plan to get back to my cross stitch soon.