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Sunday with Tea and Stitching

The best times for me is having tea while the Autumn weather is trying to become winter. As the tea is bring shipped, easily I can forget about the snow coming.

I took the dog for a walk and came in to boil some water for my afternoon Sunday tea. The other day I was gifted a present of various teas and a mug.

In the various teas were chamomile and lavender tea, which sounded like a good choice for this lazy day.

The nice part of this tea is the tea bag had a quote attached to it.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

William Shakespeare

As to my stitching, it is coming along.

Thanks for visiting this blog.



Crossing to April

I am diligently sewing the second row. It’s been a long week. Not to mention a long year so far.

Here’s my progress.

Yes more blue cross stitching. Not nearly as much anymore.

Below is a “perfect” photo of my cat. I love when the day is bright and cats look out the window. Even though she’s facing the other way, it’s still adorable.

I have been drinking a lot of tea. It’s been chilly and tea helps me through the day while working from home.

I now pulled out my large cups for tea drinking.

Tonight’s choice of tea is chamomile. I need to relax myself before bedtime.

I’ll sew a few more cross stitches…but it’s been a long day helping people get through this “stay at home” order. I need my rest.

Until next post with more tea and more stitching.