Valley of Houses

Let’s be inspired, do not steal art. Let’s be creative together.

This is drawn with color pencils. Prismacolor and Crayola color pencils.

I might color more on the grass and sky. But for now I’m going to rest and look at it again later.



Heart of a Doodle

A few doodles that I designed. Doodling helps me to unwind after a long day.

Hearts intertwined. March 2020 by Caroline

Yogi by Caroline Feb 2020

The next doodle is not completed, work is still in progress. It definitely has a different composition and emotion than my other doodles.

By Caroline March 2020

I’ll post more of my Doodle art soon



Crown in a Doodle

This is the most current doodle I have completed. It began with a doodle using a black gel pen. After I felt the doodle scribble was completed, I began coloring in shapes with markers and colored gel pens.

I worked on this drawing for over a week. Most of the evening, prior to sleep, I will draw or color. I usually spend about 30 mins to 1 hour on the coloring, or when I am too tired to stay awake. It is relaxing and calming to do after a day of work.

This is the completed Crown in a doodle drawing. I kept the negative spaces in this drawing, which makes it look unique.

Crown in a Doodle, by Caroline 2020
do not copy.

Close up photos of Crown in the doodle drawing:


Abstract Doodle

Below are examples of my abstract drawings. I used colored pencils for these. It began with a scribble then I colored in the shapes and added details.

Hiding By Caroline 2015

Pea Pod By Caroline 2015

Flying Flowers By Caroline 2015

Organs By Caroline 2015

Drawing these self-made coloring pages are extremely fun and calming.