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Flower #5 flower doodle

Thank goodness it is Friday. Even though I work for a few hours tomorrow. I’m glad to have most of the day off. I really needed the break from the past few days.

It is raining with a nice breeze. I smell food from outside. It kinda smells like fried potatoes.

I spent the day watching movies and tv shows. And cross stitching. It’s been too long since I picked up my needle for stitching Derby.

Here is where I am at now…

What’s next?

At least one less column! I had to return to the fabric store to get more DMC colors. And I bought a new color of yarn…I want to knit an oversized wrap to use at my office. It gets cold in my office.

That will be another post in the future.

I did yoga and finished my doodle flower drawing. It done on a 9″x 6″ paper.

I will be concentrating on finishing my next painting.

And the rest of the month will be starting and completing a large flower painting. You will have to stay turned to more posts to see it. Sneak peak is coming soon.

(maybe I’ll add in some small flower paintings)

Etsy shop is open: 4pawsartstudio

Happy day


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Magnets with Washi Tape

See tutorial of this art craft below:

These magnets are fun to make for all ages, and are great gifts for weddings, birthdays, any celebrations and holidays. The receiver of this gift will fall in love with these magnets.


  • washi tape
  • scissors
  • circle hole punch-find it in scrap booking section of craft store
  • assorted cardstock paper-plain paper and decorative paper
  • mod podge
  • brush
  • 1″ glass beads-bottom as a flat edge
  • 1″ circle wood pieces
  • 1″ or smaller magnet
  • hot glue

Here are the steps:

  1. use the hole puncher and cut out any decorative paper.
  2. Brush the mod podge onto the flat edge of the glass bead.
  3. once dry hot glue the magnet on.

Here’s the steps for the cardstock and washi:

  1. use the hole puncher and punch out a curcle from the decorateive or plain color cardstock.
  2. tear the washi tape and decorate the circle cut out
  3. brush the mod podge and glue to cardstock with washi tape to it.
  4. Add a back to it to cover up the tape edges
  5. once dry hot glue the magnet

wooden piece magnets

same as above but you can decorate the wood piece directly with the washi tape

use cardstock circle shape to cover the back before hot gluing the magnet.

The finished magnets:

Enjoy this crafting, please leave a comment or question below and view my tutorial on youtube: